About Africell

Africell is a leading mobile network operator in Africa. We establish fast and reliable connectivity, accelerate innovation and support local communities. We offer our customers a mix of data, voice, messaging, mobile money and other telecoms and technology services.


We have deep operational knowledge and a successful track record. Our strategy is built on two foundations: offering customers more products of a higher quality at better prices, and using technology to drive positive digital transformation. Africell is a US-owned company and our global headquarters are in London, UK. We have a reputation for doing business transparently and with integrity.




Africell in Numbers (as of November 2022)

·        4 operating markets

·        16m + subscribers

·        150m+ population under license

·        Over 10,000 direct and indirect employees

·        Founded in 2001



What Africell Does

·        Data: Data is the heartbeat of Africell’s network. We offer customers a range of internet services including ultra-fast 4G connectivity defined by speed, reliability and value for money.  

·        Mobile money: Afrimoney is Africell’s mobile money platform. Through Afrimoney, mobile users can send money to others, pay bills, and transact with a range of other products and services.

·        Voice & SMS: Africell’s voice & SMS services are among the best value in the market. Our handsets suit every customer type and can be used for voice, data or both.



The Africell Story

·        2001 – launch in the Gambia

·        2005 – launch in Sierra Leone

·        2012 – launch in Democratic Republic of the Congo

·        2015 – launch in Uganda

·        2022 – launch in Angola



Africell’s footprint

·        The Gambia

·        Sierra Leone

·        Democratic Republic of the Congo

·        Angola