Welcome to Africell

Welcome to Africell

We are the mobile technology platform for Africa’s future
Connecting communities

Connecting communities

We bring the benefits of digital communications to sub-Saharan Africa
Leading digital transformation

Leading digital transformation

We serve over 15 million subscribers in Africa's most vibrant markets
Transparency and innovation

Transparency and innovation

We are the only US-owned mobile network operator in Africa

Africell is a leading mobile network operator in Africa.

We establish fast and reliable connectivity, accelerate innovation and support local communities. We offer our customers a mix of data, voice, messaging, mobile money and other integrated telecoms services.

Africell has deep operational knowledge and a successful track record. Our strategy is built on two foundations: offering customers more products of a higher quality at better prices, and using technology to drive positive digital transformation in the countries in which we operate. Africell networks are secure, trustworthy and resilient.


News and Highlights

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4 January 2023

The ‘Klin Energy’ initiative will make Africell Sierra Leone's operations more sustainable and resilient

14 December 2022

The inaugural report reviews 2022 progress and looks forward to developments in 2023.

9 December 2022

Africell becomes first operator to launch eSIM in Angola, bringing greater choice and flexibility to consumers

2 December 2022

Expansion into Benguela Province brings fast, reliable and affordable communications to more Angolan consumers

14 November 2022

Africell has been given Sierra Leone’s first 5G spectrum allocation in a big step towards the launch of 5G services in the country

6 October 2022

Godfrey Efeurhobo joins from Airtel Nigeria and will focus on accelerating Africell’s growth in Angola and DRC

15 September 2022

Award presented by The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue recognises Africell’s prioritization of secure network technology


Through Africell Impact, Africell invests in and supports social initiatives that provide benefits to our operating markets in the areas of education and entrepreneurship; arts, culture and heritage; and health, sports and wellbeing. Africell Impact aims to connect people to communities. Our ambition is to narrow Africa’s opportunity gap by linking people to the digital and physical resources they need to engage fully in community life and build better futures.