Welcome to Africell

Welcome to Africell

We are the mobile technology company for Africa’s future
Connecting communities

Connecting communities

We bring the benefits of digital communications to sub-Saharan Africa
Leading digital transformation

Leading digital transformation

We serve over 12 million subscribers in Africa's most vibrant markets
Transparency and innovation

Transparency and innovation

We are the only US-owned mobile network operator in Africa

Africell is a leading mobile network operator in Africa.

We establish fast and reliable connectivity, accelerate innovation and support local communities. We offer our customers a mix of data, voice, messaging, mobile money and other integrated telecoms services.

Africell has deep operational knowledge and a successful track record. Our strategy is built on two foundations: offering customers more products of a higher quality at better prices, and using technology to drive positive digital transformation in the countries in which we operate.


News and Highlights

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17 November 2021

Africell and Industry Five’s pilot project will create jobs and management expertise and help grow DRC's local technology supply chain

8 November 2021

Long-term collaboration celebrates Congolese culture and launches a significant program of Africell investment in African arts and culture

20 October 2021

Powerful new technology facility will advance Africell's mission to transform Angola’s telecommunications sector

9 September 2021

Africell's Chief Legal Officer Magase Mogale is awarded In-House Market Maker of The Year at the second IFLR Africa Awards

15 June 2021

The initiative in Sierra Leone overcomes traditional barriers by using mini-podcasts and free file-sharing

7 June 2021

Ambassador J. Peter Pham is distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council and former top US diplomat in Africa