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Africell Impact is all about empowering people to contribute to their communities. We help to build strong and resilient communities by bringing people together, both digitally and physically, and connecting them to opportunities in education, the arts, healthcare and more.



"The Africell Philosophy"

Engaging with communities

In addition to effective marketing and strong government relations, active engagement with communities is a condition for Africell's success. Africell Impact formalises this idea by streamlining and structuring our cultural and community-focused initiatives, connecting the work we do across our operating markets and maximising its positive impact.

Education & entrepreneurship

Supporting education and entrepreneurship by equipping people with the digital technologies needed to learn and innovate.

Arts, culture & heritage

Giving a platform to local arts, culture and heritage and celebrating the energy and creativity of contemporary Africa.

Health, sports & wellbeing

Promoting active lifestyles, providing health-related information and resources, and helping talented athletes fulfil their potential.


The latest social impact initiatives from across Africell Group

8 November 2021

LSE and Africell deliver programme on leadership and entrepreneurship for Africell staff and local university students in Gambia and Sierra Leone

18 October 2023

10A is a versatile exhibition space and studio designed to give Angolan and other African artists opportunities to promote their work

17 August 2023

First-of-its-kind event in Angola provides opportunities for collaboration and exchange in the country’s vibrant contemporary arts community

1 June 2023

‘Virtual Congo’, sponsored by Africell, recreates DRC’s national museum in an interactive digital-physical installation

27 April 2023

Residency supported by Africell and ANGOLA AIR will develop the creative practice of African contemporary artists

9 March 2023

The Congo Pavilion, supported by Africell, will present DRC's national museum in virtual reality at the world’s leading festival of design-led innovation

4 January 2023

The ‘Klin Energy’ initiative will make Africell Sierra Leone's operations more sustainable and resilient

20 December 2022

Event on the side-lines of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022 connects Africell’s operating markets with U.S.-based leaders, diplomats and investors

14 December 2022

The inaugural report reviews 2022 progress and looks forward to developments in 2023.

26 October 2022

MNRDC has travelled outside Africa for the first time after being piloted as a vivid virtual reality experience in New York

12 October 2022

Africell's CEO and the Director of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue argue for trusted technology in telecommunications

27 September 2022

Support for club includes communications services and technical assistance

2 September 2022

Africell and NBA Africa announce multiyear collaboration to engage Angolan youth through basketball

2 July 2022

The Africell and Innovarx Health and Wellness Bazaar allows ordinary Gambians to evaluate their health and plan healthier lifestyles

14 June 2022

Africell’s cultural and community work combined in single strategic framework

1 April 2022

Africell workshops teach essential computer coding skills to Gambian schoolgirls

17 January 2022

Roving technology roadshow is inspiring a new generation to participate in Gambia’s digital transformation.

11 January 2022

As official GSM partner to the Leone Stars and Gambia Scorpions, Africell is proud to back two talented teams on their quest for glory in one of the world’s preeminent sporting competitions

11 January 2022

As official GSM partner to the Leone Stars and Gambia Scorpions, Africell is proud to back two talented teams on their quest for glory in one of the world’s preeminent sporting competitions

23 November 2021

Africell and The Disruptive Lab unleash the next generation of entrepreneurs, technologists and creative thinkers in The Gambia

8 November 2021

Long-term collaboration celebrates Congolese culture and launches a significant program of Africell investment in African arts and culture

30 September 2021

Africell to relaunch national cultural asset in boost for Gambia's arts and heritage

23 September 2021

Africell to provide free mobile services to UNICEF's innovative tool for boosting youth engagement in social matters

22 August 2021

The inaugural Africell Congo River Marathon will be the first of its kind in central Africa

15 June 2021

The initiative in Sierra Leone overcomes traditional barriers by using mini-podcasts and free file-sharing


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