Africell becomes first operator to launch eSIM in Angola

Transformational technology makes mobile connection easier and more flexible than traditional SIMs

Chris Lundh, CEO of Africell Angola, at the official launch of Africell eSIMs

Africell has launched eSIM in Angola, the first operator in the country to introduce this cutting-edge technology.

An eSIM (or embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card built directly into a device, which offers connection to any operator with eSIM-enabled network services. eSIM offers the same quality of service as traditional SIM cards, allowing users to activate and access all available plans or packages.

Users with eSIM-compatible phones (such as the iPhone and latest Android phones) do not require physical SIM cards, allowing them to use different providers on the same phone. This increases consumer choice and stimulates competition between operators. Africell Angola’s eSIM will improve and simplify the experience for customers, including those who travel frequently and otherwise must switch manually between SIM cards whenever they cross borders.

Mário Mateus, Commercial Operations Manager of Africell Angola, says: “With the introduction of our eSIM product, Africell Angola continues to stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. eSIM give our customers a high degree of flexibility and allows them to use their devices wherever they are in the world. Africell’s mission is to ‘Make Life Simple’ for our customers, and eSIM delivers this”.

The GSMA, a global telecommunications industry body, predicts a total of 6.7 billion eSIM smartphone connections by 2030. This will represent 76% of the total number of smartphone connections, which is a huge percentage increase in the adoption of eSIM devices. To date, no eSIM have been available to mobile users in Angola.

Africell Angola customers with eSIM-capable smartphones can convert their physical SIM to eSIM at their nearest Africell store.