Africell Impact Foundation releases first annual report

Africell Impact, the new home for Africell’s cultural and community focused work, has built momentum since its official launch in June 2022. In this article, Africell CEO and Chairman Ziad Dalloul introduces the report and looks forward to continued progress in 2023.


Creative expression is the magic ingredient in social and economic development. 

It comes in many forms. Art is one. Learning, athletics, innovation, and cultural heritage are others. In these fields, success is unlocked when people have the confidence and resources to think outside the box. 

The past few years have been challenging. COVID-19 caused huge disruption and isolated billions of people. But it also provoked dramatic change in how people access and use digital communications. This is leading to more, not less, creative spirit.

The Africell Impact Foundation began with this observation. Mobile usage adapted quickly to the reality of the pandemic, claiming a more central role in the lives of our customers. As creatively orientated sectors struggled, we asked how the digital connectivity that forms our core business could be deployed (or perhaps redeployed) to support them.

The aim of the Africell Impact Foundation is to spark creative expression through the application of digital technology. Specifically, it is about using digital technology to better connect individuals with communities – with all the creative benefits that that entails.

There are three main “impact areas”: arts, culture and heritage; education and entrepreneurship; and health, sports and wellbeing. In each of these areas, the transformational potential of digital technology is clear. Equally clear is the potential for ordinary people to make a difference, if only they have the right opportunities.  

The Africell Impact Foundation moves past traditional conceptions of ‘corporate social responsibility’. We pursue impact. Our goal is for cultural and community life in the countries in which we operate to be fully digitally enabled. 

Our approach involves investment, collaborations, technical services, and more. Employees at all levels of Africell are involved. As the only US-owned operator in Africa, we take a global view, actively promoting connections between and beyond our countries of operation. It is a privilege to be able to highlight the depth of talent, wealth of ideas, and diversity of culture in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

This report spotlights some of the best current and future initiatives. We are excited to be putting this new framework for social impact into action, and we look forward to communicating and celebrating progress.